Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I told you I would give you more pictures of Checkers. Here they are!

He looks like he's about to fall asleep here-- wake up Checkers! You can see his cherry eye which will be fixed today when he is neutered. I know he'll have to wear an e-collar for awhile so he doesn't rub his eye-- oh, they usually hate those things!

Charlie appears to be housetrained and loves the other dogs there. There is a cat that visits the yard, and he has tried to chase it, but he doesn't seem to be very serious about it. We just aren't sure how he'd be with cats.

Checkers is only a year and a half old and weighs about 16 pounds. He is timid at first, but quickly becomes your friend.

If you are interested in this sweet one, just let us know!

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lady jicky said...

All the best at the Vet Checkers.

He looks one sweet dog Linda!!!