Friday, March 8, 2013


Here's a note from Bernard's foster mom :   The staff at Acredale said he took turns sitting in their laps today, because he was so sweet. They said he would get worried about his brother whenever he heard Gimmie, so they would have to take him back to Gimmie's cage to let them see each other. I think he is missing his brother right now. Hopefully Gimmie will be able to come join him soon.
 I took Bernard (above) and Gimmie out of a local shelter on Wednesday.   Bernard is 14.4  pounds, 7-8 years old and seems very sweet.
 He didn't mind being held and was content to be petted.
 Look at that sweet face!   They were able to bathe him at the vet to get all the urine off him-- these two were very neglected and covered with all kinds of smells!
 Gimmie is 8.4 pounds, very small.    He has the tiniest little face.    He is also 7-8 years old.
 I knew at the shelter that he was in rough shape-- the smell was absolutely overwhelming.  
 He had to stay at the emergency vet for one night, but he is now at my vet where he will continue to receive IV fluids and antibiotics shots.    Once he is stable, he can go to his foster home with his brother.
 Gimmie has some Peke-a-tude-- he is also very uncomfortable and has a raging bladder infection.    He is receiving excellent care though.    He will be cleaned up before he goes to his foster home-- I don't know who owned this boy, but they sure didn't take care of him.    The story was that his owner went into a nursing home, but I've heard that so often, I don't usually believe it.  It's just a "good story" to tell a shelter when you've severely neglected the dogs you are turning in.
Don't worry, little man, we're going to take care of you!!

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lady jicky said...

Yep, I think that is a "story" too Linda ! Why have two!

I am wishing them all the best for they are lovely pekingese !!!

I think that behaviour problem may go with good health Linda.