Sunday, March 3, 2013


We have a request to take in this 8 year old Peke from the western part of Virginia.   He has been kept outside (which indicates to me he may not have had the best life!).    He is not housetrained because of this.  We need a foster home for him before we can commit to taking him.     If you can help with this boy, let us know.    


Essie said...

Want me to help?

lady jicky said...

I think you are fantastic Essie!!

I read this and felt so sad .

I am doing my "adoption dance" for good health and a loving home for him Linda!!!!

Kisses to Essie from Moi Moi and Coco in Oz.

Toni Davis said...

How far west? I have a bestie who lives near the TN/VA line and I bet she would foster him. I know she would have to apply. She is a fabulous mother (she has 2 0r 3, can't remember) of her own and took on the cat who had been abandoned at the house, along with every stray child that comes her way. She has a marvelous home and would be a good foster mom. If it is that far west, I will call her. If you don't already have someone!