Monday, March 4, 2013


I don't usually have pictures of me with a foster dog, but when Hollyberry was adopted, her new mom and I posed on my front porch with Hollyberry.    I really did have a secure hold on her, but she started slipping as the picture was taken.    Don't worry, Hollyberry, I don't drop you.     My Cranberry was in the other part of the house.    She has her diaper on and is on the non-carpeted areas.   We do what we can! 
 Starlight was telling her good-bye-- or go away.  I'm not sure which one.
 I had all her things ready, including the little bed and blanket she used here.  I also included some of her favorite toys.    
 Max was wondering where she was going?  She's leaving?
 Snowball was all ready for her new sister to join him in the car.    It was all comfy and ready for a new sister.
So long sweet girl.   You're going to have a great life!    She now lives near the beach in NC.    I may have to go visit!

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lady jicky said...

So happy for Hollyberry and her new family!

Great photos Linda - I liked seeing Ms Berry's Mum and yourself on the Must Love Peke's site :)