Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Gimmie is still at the vet, but might come to his foster home today-- his brother Bernard is already there.
 I went to visit and took him some chicken and rice-- he hasn't been eating.   He needs to eat!    My vet, Dr. Evans went to Chick-Fil-A and got a chicken sandwich for Gimmie.  (I love my vet!)  Gimmie ate half of it!     I guess he has been used to people food.    We'll work on that.  
 He didn't growl or snap at me today-- his pain level is much lower.  
 He even rolled over for a tummy rub.   I was very careful to approach him gently and speak softly to let him know he was safe.    The vet tech did give him a bath, so that horrible urine smell was gone.    Hallelujah!
 He kept rolling over so he was enjoying it.    
 He sat up and stuck his tongue out.   So cute!   He is 8.4 pounds, but not thin.   He's just a very small boy.
He let me pick him up!!   And I put him on my lap and held him-- and no growling.    BIG STEP!!!    He is still on IV fluid and  meds.    But, he's improving and will be with Tiffany and Mike for care.    Oh, my, they are going to love this one just like they already love Bernard, his brother!  


lady jicky said...

I do hope your Vet had a nice bottle of Sav Blanc to go with that chicken sandwich!! LOL

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So glad to hear that Gimmie is making a fast recovery. If he will eat human food, that's better than not eating at all at this point. Glad Gimmie finally got a bath. He is just so precious and I love his tongue sticking out! Sounds like Gimmie is learning to trust humans, and allowed you to hold him and give him belly rubs. Hope it isn't much longer when he can be reunited with his brother Bernard. Are these two going to be foster failures? :)