Friday, March 15, 2013


Pandy came into rescue in 2004.    I fostered her and my mom adored her.  My mom lived with me before she died and Pandy would lay on the bed with her, and my mom would pet her.  Pandy gave my mom a lot of comfort and she asked that we make sure Pandy was cared for.    
This was Pandy in the shelter-- look at the walls-- I don't know what was growing there, but it sure didn't look healthy.
Pandy was picked up by Jon and Ann and they met me.    It was then I realized Pandy has something else in her-- one ear was up, one ear was down.    Kind of cute, but not all Peke. :-)
Pandy lives with my daughter, who had to keep her because "Mimi" had loved her so much.    Pandy is now about 15, and old girl.    
Due to some "issues" Pandy had to have a hygiene cut last week.  And she was so humiliated!    My daughter said she won't leave the couch or her kennel except to go outside.    My daughter took her picture and called it "Day 1 of shame."   So funny!
There were four "days of shame" before Pandy decided it was okay not to hide out in embarrassment.   Pekes (and Peke-mixes) are so funny and a source of endless entertainment.   Pandy is that for sure!

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lady jicky said...

I do understand Pandy !

Over the years I too have had some shocking haircuts --- but Pandy ---- I paid $$ for them ! LOL