Monday, March 4, 2013


I posted this on Jan.17, but Gizmo's mom sent me this video, so I wanted you to see what a happy boy he was while he was with them.   He was there less than a year, but what a year of love and care it was.     You can see the joy in his face and his step.
 Gizmo came into foster care almost a year ago-- his owners loved him a lot but were unable to financially provide the care he needed.    I know that happens and it's so sad to watch people give them up-- but it helps the dog to get care.     His previous owners sent his winter coats, treats, blankets and lots of information on  him.   They really cared.
 He went to live with Peggy and Terry and they adored this boy.  He didn't see, but knew how to get around.     After Christmas, he took a turn for the worse, stopped eating as much and his bloodwork wasn't good.    They didn't know if it was cancer or a massive infection.    They were trying to determine the cause (cancer or infection) yesterday, but last night he took a radical turn for the worst and  had to put him down. His mom said, "He was a wonderful dog and putting him down was like turning out a light. So sorry to send you a note like this. Thank you so much for sending us one  of the nicest dogs we've ever had."
You will be missed, Gizmo.   Rest in peace, little man.


Toni Davis said...

RIP sweet Gizmo! You were always loved and now you can run free over the bridge:)

Unknown said...

You were a great addition to the family. We will always have you in our thoughts daily. Love and miss you my good friend. RIP Gizmo!

Nicky said...

I can only imagine the heartbreak. What a special little guy Gizmo was - not to mention looks very similar to my very beloved Sabby. My deepest sympathies to you.

Paladin2010 said...

I was reading this this morning on the iPAD after breakfast when all of a sudden Maddy jumped up next to me and looked at me to say "Don't be sad, he was loved and now runs free", I gave Maddy a hug and told him "get off the couch before Mommy comes down"

Linda said...

Tell Maddy thank you-- there have been too many farewells this week!

lady jicky said...

We send our love to you from Australia .