Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Bingo came from a shelter in the fall.  He's an older boy who was in rough shape when we got him-- terrible skin, bladder infection, fleas.  
 He's doing much better though, and enjoys being in the home with his foster mom, Maria.
 He can be a little headstrong-- for example, he knows how to sit, but he'll do it if he wants.   (Gee, that sounds like some of mine!)
 His foster mom says he likes to be petted, but she is working on teaching him that grooming is okay.   He's a little grumbly, but he's doing better.     She sings to him to show him that grooming is fun!
 He is fine with the other dogs, but doesn't seem like he has been around them before.   He's not aggressive with them, but doesn't interact much with them.  
 What did you go through before you came to us, Bingo?
I hope to meet you at the Peke picnic in April!   Then, I'll get some good pictures of you!    And maybe someone will fall in love with you and adopt you, too!


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Bingo sounds like he has the Peke-a-tude! Maybe he doesn't want to sit? Maybe he's just an introvert? If Bingo is like Ginkgo, he won't tell anyone about his past. Hoping he wins the Bingo Jackpot at the Peke picnic and gets his furever home!

lady jicky said...

My Moi Moi is a "Bingo" - she does what ever she wants and when she wants!
Well, that is what Peke's do! LOL

Thats why I love them :)