Sunday, March 24, 2013


Jesse was rescued from a Richmond shelter.  He was a senior (8 years old is considered "old" at a shelter- that's just middle age for a Peke!), and he was heartworm positive.    Rescue was his only hope.
He wears a belly band since he will mark, but his new mom is fine with that!    Belly bands (or diapers for females) are really no trouble, and his new mom will probably get him an assortment.
He has a new bed and toys.... and there are two cats there, too.    Jesse was fine with them for awhile, and then he decided it was HIS house.  Oh, no.    His new mom is going to work on this-- it doesn't phase her.
This toy is new-- and his mom said she may regret getting this one.   When you see the video, you'll see why haha.    We have some of those toys in my house-- totally obnoxious, but the dogs love them!    We're so glad you have a new home, Jesse--  now Jesse James (because he stole his mom's heart!).  
Click here: Can't Escape that Kitten! - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

I am glad to see Jesse adopted - he is a cute old guy !