Sunday, March 31, 2013


 I found out that some people don't know I do the blog every day.   Well, here I am.    I usually have Pekes surrounding me, and I take care of my grandson also-- he's "Beach Bit" and he is very used to the Pekes here.
 Cranberry is one of my older Pekes.   She has degenerative disc disease so has to wear a diaper inside.  She gets around, even though she slides or wobbles.  
 My husband is the BEST!   We've been married forever and we still love and LIKE each other!  If you come to the picnic on April 27 in Herndon, VA, you will meet us-- we'll be by the grill!
 Beach Bit finds all kinds of uses for Peke stuff here.   His dad is an avid Georgia fan. (He has on an e-collar that is for flat faced dogs.)
 Starlight is ours-- she was a foster everyone was afraid of-- so she was never adopted.
 Oh, another Beach Bit pic--  and another e-collar use.
 Beach Bit's mom and dad and special dog Leo-- they live down the street.
 The three bits who live a few hours away.    Lil Bit, Bitty Bit and Drill Bit.   Love my Bits!
 Max is a foster who wasn't adopted-- he's nine now.
 Scooterbug is almost 12.   I've had him since he was a puppy.
 Kai Kai and Abner in the yard-- Pekes are always coming and going, but Kai stayed.
 My older daughter and her husband live near Charlottesville.  Love to visit there!!    I have two daughters, and four grandbits.    I'm a lucky woman!!
 We have fosters all the time-- we've done this for ten years now.    Sir Jenkins has joined the clan for awhile.
 Abner is precious-- he's going to his new home, too.
  Piper is a special one-- he'll go to his new home soon.  He's an adventurous little thing!
Our house is busy, happy, and full of life, Pekes and kids.   We love it.    We hope all of you have a wonderful Easter-- I'm sure we'll have fun here!


lady jicky said...

A happy Easter to you and all your family Linda!!!

It was so lovely to see todays post for I have my Mum staying over and I do talk about you and your family plus those Pekes!
I have showed her your post and now she can picture you all when I speak about you :)

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Thanks for sharing your human and Peke family, Linda. You have a beautiful family!!!

Paladin2010 said...

A Great Posting for all that you do for the little ones! You are a very special person to have the rapport with pekes.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

What a great post!! You are indeed blessed with a beautiful family, two-legged and four! Ted & Grace send their Happy Easter wishes to all and are especially thankful that I didn't put any bunny ears on them this year! LOL

Tracey said...

Love all the pictures Linda. You and your husband are amazing. I hope you had a very Happy Easter!