Saturday, March 2, 2013


 Chloe sent me an email. Oh, you know I love Peke emails!   Her mom was home working, so she let Chloe get on the computer for a bit.   Here's what she said:
 Mommy said I could use her computer to send you a little note. I've been having lots of adventures the last month, as mommy likes to take me everywhere. Last weekend we went over her friend Debbie's house for a dinner party and to see how I would do with kitty cats. I like the one black cat, LuLu. She swatted at me all day, but I didn't leave her side. Thank goodness she doesn't have front claws! The other cat, Tiger, I didn't care for so much. We fought and I chased her all over the house until she ran upstairs. What a scardie cat! I played with all the cat toys and even explored the kitty box. I found this little brown treat covered in kitty litter that I just had to show mommy and her friends, so I dug it out and carried it over to everyone. I still don't know what everyone was laughing about! Anyway, Debbie has a big backyard and I ran around until my feet were tired. I was a really good girl with all the people in the house and I even curled up on a few laps when we sat down to watch a movie. I was having fun until one of the ladies tried to move me. I snapped at her, but she didn't mind. Mommy did though. Mommy said that I need to learn better manners because I snap and growl when I'm picked up or moved.  I also don't get along well with other dogs. She has taken an Animal Reiki class to help with my "issues", but that didn't seem to work. Now, she wants me to see a behaviorist. We have an appointment scheduled this Saturday at the house, so the doctor can assess me and see if I have anxiety or aggression issues and recommend training options. I'll let you know how that goes.

Mommy is working at home today, so I asked her to take a few pictures of me to send your way. Hope you like them.

Love,  Chloe

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lady jicky said...

Hey Chloe!

Try to get on Dr Phil --- it would be alot cheaper and more fun!

We are on your side girlfriend !!!

Moi Moi and Coco in Australia

* the old girl is in the garden and we have jumped on the computer for some Must Love Peke's reading :)