Monday, December 4, 2017


Tiny Margot belonged to my friend, Jan.   Jan fostered Jasper for us.  Jasper died several months ago.  Losing them is so hard, but even harder when they go so closely together.
 Jan and her family all love Pekes.   Margot was rescued from a puppy mill and found her forever home with Jan. 
 She couldn't see anymore and was also deaf, but she still got around.   I had the honor of meeting her when I took Bella and Simon up to be adopted at Jan's.   She was safe in her special area and watched over carefully. 
 Here she was in her summer haircut several years ago.
Margot died at almost 19 years old.   She passed away on her own, loved and cherished by her mom.   Run free now, sweet Margot with Chewman and Jasper and all those in your family who have gone before you.   Love goes with you. 


Unknown said...

Prayers for Margots family

LadyJicky said...

What a great age little Margot lived to- plus - What a beautiful Peke she was and I know she will be so missed.