Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lottie and the Stroller

Sometimes strollers are great for dogs who have injuries or are older and need some fresh air but can't walk very far. Look on line for "dogs and strollers" and you'll see a lot!
Wait, that's not a dog and it's not a stroller-- it's my grandgirls! Just had to show them off.
Here is a dog stroller. Fancy, too. I think you could get some speed going in this things.
This is more of a "barrel on its side" design. I don't think I'd race anywhere fast in this. But, the dogs must love it. Noble was in one of them at the picnic. I thought it was so cute. And at one point, he just curled up and fell asleep on his back/side.
He's so little and in this stroller, the cute points were definitely up there.
My daughter's Peke, Lottie, is almost ten. Maybe she IS ten?! She was not supposed to live past five because of a bad back. But, she comes through every health crises fine. She was on a walk in the country, my granddaughter in the stroller. When she decided to get a should ride, Lottie saw her chance and jumped in the stroller. She's one smart Pekingese!!


lady jicky said...

Love that photo of Lottie in the stroller - I think she has done this before - very confident looking there!

Your little grandgirls are so pretty Linda!!!

Anonymous said...

My Princess has a pink dog stroller...I got for her a few years back so she could "walk" on the beach boardwalk w/ us at night and it's great!

Karin said...

Thanks for showing off your grandgirls to us! I always enjoy them!
I love all the different strollers! I haven't seen them in stores - they must be online!? Why didn't we think of "inventing" doggie strollers??

lady jicky said...

Hey karin ------ what do you think of my new line.....

"PEKE PUSHERS"???????????