Monday, May 30, 2011


Lily and Noble came from a puppy mill bust in Arkansas. They were brought to the DC area and our group took 12 of them. Noble, above and below, was so small and malnourished.

Lily, above, was a tiny one. She was undernourished, had limited vision, and needed help. They were both in foster care a long time, getting help so they could have a life they deserved.

Lily had a lot of digestive and eye issues, but she was loved and cared for. And of course, she had a pink bed. Lily and Noble became best friends in rescue.

They were adopted together! Now, they are the only two dogs in their home. Their new owner had adopted before from us and we knew she would give them a wonderful home.

Aren't they cute! I love this, curled up with a best friend in a forever home.

Here's a note from their new owner:

"Now I have Noble and Lily. They were rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill about a year ago and have been with their foster mom, Gloria. She did a wonderful job of socializing them and I know she really misses the two Munchkins. Gloria is with the Potomac Valley Pekingese Club that handles Peke rescue efforts. Schatze, my Peke who just died, came to me from Gloria. Noble and Lily have met their new vet and she adores them already. They also met their "grandparents" Gumps and Ganny and Gumps has spoiled them with lap time. Both are sweet and gentle and TINY--Noble weighed 7.5 pounds and Lily was 10 pounds at the vet's office yesterday. They will also be good around children. We will just have to make sure Noble and Lily are safe around them!" Thank you for adopting them!! Have a wonderful life, Lily and Noble!!


lady jicky said...

What a lovely pair of bestfriend Pekes!!!

emilyp said...

I love happy endings like that:)

Nicky said...

Sorry for the loss of Schatze but delighted that Lily and Noble have found a loving home. Can't ask for more!

Karin said...

That last photo says it all!
What a sweet story! They are both adorable.