Saturday, May 7, 2011


Meet Bijoy. He was at the picnic and he was dressed up like the Royal Guard!

Bijoy is a certified therapy dog and his speciality is helping those who are hearing impaired.

He has a special vest that says, "DON'T PET ME, I'M WORKING."

His other badge says he's certified for Heaing Impaired.

Bijou has a passport! He can go anywhere in the main part of the airplane. He doesn't have to go through any quarantine because of his special certification.

I was so glad to meet this sweet Peke at our picnic. He is a beautiful boy!


lady jicky said...

Miss Moi is so impressed with Mr Bijou that she wonders if he is free sometime for a hot date! Woof!

Tracey said...

How very sweet. I am very impressed with Bijou!

Karin said...

Bijou sure looks regal and I agree he does look like royalty. He has a very important job and knows it.
What a beautiful peke Bijou is!

emilyp said...

He is gorgeous! So white and regal! I love seeing service dogs. It is amazing how much dogs can do for us, truly amazing.

Nicky said...

Bijou was on duty at the picnic? He is a dedicated service member. I love his vest. Mr. Bijou, we commend you!!