Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 I received an email from Bear Bear.   Bear came into rescue in July and his eyes made me feel I could see right into his heart.   Oh, if I could just keep them all.
 Here's his email:    Hi Aunt Jeanne, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Kim,
 I just wanted to thank you all for being so good to me until I found my new home.      I'm getting more comfortable here with each passing day.
 I love my big backyard and I run around every day.
 I don't like baths very much, but mom says I have to take them to keep me clean.
 I love snuggling with my new parents-- and my comfy bed is great also.
I'm been itchy and sneezy, but we're working on getting my allergies under control.     I hear a  lot of dogs are having trouble with the autumn here.     I hope you are all doing well!
Love, Bear    (Thank you for writing Bear-Bear!!)

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lady jicky said...

Oh Bear Bear - you are so cute and my Moi Moi is starting to get itchy too and its spring here!

I like the way you know how to get the computer going!!! LOL