Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Here is our beautiful diva Desi-- she is ready for the Halloween party at her house.    Oh, my she is so stunning in her outfit.     She wants to make sure all the dogs are safe this year.   Here are some tips.  
 I know Desi and her friends would love some of that Halloween candy, but it's not good for dogs, especially if it has all those artificial sweeteners in it.   It can be very toxic!   Chocolate is very toxic, so if you suspect your dog gets into any, get them to the vet.  
 If you are handing out candy, put a baby gate or xpen by the front door.   If your dog gets out, all those "scary creatures" will make them run and you don't want that.    Better yet, put your dogs upstairs and put on a radio or fan to create white noise,  to keep them as calm as possible.
 Desi will dress up for her party, and for going to work, but many pets are not used to being in a crowd where they can show off their outfit.  If your dog isn't used ot it, don't start now on Halloween.  
Desi is making her scary face! Oh, no!    We love you Desi!  Thank you for all the Halloween tips!


lady jicky said...

Desi is chic scarey !!

My two girls just look like pumpkins! LOL

Marian Brzostek said...

Oh Miss Desi -- you are so beautiful you make the rest of us Pekes look bad ! Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Winston and Cosmo