Saturday, October 13, 2012


 When Desi went on vacation this summer, she let a few Peke friends go along.   Bear was one of them.    Look how handsome he is!   He's one of our foster dogs who has a bit of Pekatude.    Some just need Peke-savy owners.   
 Wanda went along, too, and I can tell she took full advantage of the vacation.   She's my kind of girl!  Only I don't really know how to relax on vacation.   Actually, I went on a little vacation last week and actually read some.  And sat... and relaxed.    I didn't know what to do with no dogs along-- but they were fine with my housesitter.   
 Wanda lounged near the big rocker....
 And Bear got in it.    He didn't like the sign "don't feed the bears."   He took it personally!   Don't worry Bear, they're going to feed you.
 Then Desi, Wanda and Bear posed on the swing.  Oh, what a life.
 Bear was ready to come in-- is anyone there?  I'm ready!
He found the floor vent and loved it-- we can tell.    I'm so glad you all had a wonderful break and a lot of fun!


lady jicky said...

I am glad to read you had a good time away Linda!

Ms Desi and her friends look like they are having a ton of fun too!

Doris Sturm said...

I'm glad the doggies got to go... they need a change of scenery, like we do ;-) I would love Bear because I miss my late Gizzy's Pekatude - he had it all and laid in on thick! I got the biggest kick out of him. Even when he was difficult, he made me laugh.