Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 Lacey Nicole visited with me for a bit while her mom went on vacation.
 She loves being out in the yard...
 But, she loves to follow Beach Bit.   "Can I have some popsickle?"
 I'm going to eat it all myself.
 Okay, I'll just pout. 
 Wait, here comes Beach Bit.   He has an airplane and I think he's going to share that with me.  It's not a popsickle, but it's still sharing.
 I can even give him a kiss.
 Yes, we are good friends.     I do have a "temperament" and I hate being picked up.  I can get really grumpy--  so I need a special owner.  (And really, rescue thinks I'd be better without kids-- Beach Bit is special.)   I like playing with other dogs and here I am with one of Beach Bit's friends, Kai Kai.    Click here: laceykai - YouTube
Clarence was here, too-- he's Lacey's foster mom's dog.    He was content to veg.    Clarence is the perfect dog-- maybe he can teach Lacey to be more laid back.     I'm sure he can!    (Pray for Clarence, he has an eye injury and is getting treatment.   I hope he is better soon!)

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lady jicky said...

Itsn't the Beach Bit growing up!