Thursday, October 11, 2012


 I love the seniors.   I have a few of them in my family now (Scooterbug and Cranberry are 11 now).    We have some older Pekingese in rescue and they deserve a home of their own.  (We have special adoption fees for older ones, just ask us.)
 Bingo is one of those seniors.    There are a lot of benefits to adopting a senior.    They take less time to train-- They have already been housetrained and may even know a few commands.   "Sit, Bingo." :-)
 Teddy Henry Bear was adopted by a wonderful family.  They saw his beauty, not his age.   Seniors are less likely to chew or scratch things they shouldn't.    They are ready to be devoted to you and love you unconditionally.
 Pudge is available for adoption-- he's older, but has a lot of time and love left in him.    He's easy going and less active than a puppy.    He goes to work with his foster mom and is content to rest while she is busy.    Older pets are okay with just being laid back during the day. 
 Chip is a senior at 9 years old.  Actually, I don't think that's old for a Peke.   That's just middle age.   Older pets can live longer than expected when they are shown the right amount of love and care.    You can change an older pet's life by adopting them and giving them that life sustaining love.
 Puji is only 8-9, but he is fighting for his life with liver failure.  He's with our Roanoke vet, Lucinda and Roger Hodges.    He is getting extraordinary care with them.   We hope he pulls through and will be adopted to a wonderful home. 
Alastor is also one we got who was very sick-- he had a high heart murmur, but now he's gained 3 pounds and had a dental and is doing great.   You wouldn't know he was older.     The senior pets can give you what you didn't even realize you wanted-- compansionship.    Older pets crave companionship, too, so they are perfectly content to curl up with you when you watch TV.      PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING AN OLDER PET.   JUST CONTACT US IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE OF OUR SPECIAL SENIOR PEKES-- POTOMACPEKES@GMAIL.COM    

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lady jicky said...

Puppies are lovely but .... I do love a older peke too!
Both my girls came to me at around 6 years old and they are so easy to care for .
Sure - you can have "health issues" but .... let me tell you - you can have "health issues" with a puppy too!!!

I hope everyone of those old darlin's find a super loving home :)
Kisses from the girls - Moi Moi and Coco in Oz!