Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Little Yoshi came into rescue in March of this year.   She was an eight year old Peke who had been given no medical care.    She went to Genise for fostering and Genise loved her so much that she adopted her.
Last week, Yoshi found a mushroom (she liked to pick up things on the ground).    Unfortunately this was a very poisonous mushroom and Yoshi went into acute liver failure.   Despite treatment at the emergency vet, blood transfusions and other medical care, Yoshi did not make it.     I will do a blog on mushrooms so we can all learn more of their extreme danger to dogs.    I'm so sorry that Yoshi is the reason we are learning this-- she was a wonderful little girl who wiggled her way right into her mom's heart.     We all love you, Yoshi.   Rest in peace now, little one.

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lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh !! That is so sad .
We send our love to you for your loss .