Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Writing farewell posts on dogs I've fostered or connected to in some way is harder for me.    I'm having to do that today.   This is Theodora-- a beautiful girl who came out of a shelter in Maryland in 2005.    Look at her coat, so thick and gorgeous.
This was Theodora when I got her.     She was short haired and needed love and good care.    She was adopted almost as soon as we got her and lived with her family almost 8 years to the day.
 She had a brother, JR and they became good friends, stealing each others toys.   
Theodora was almost 16 years old when she died on Monday.    Her family is devastated.   She was a girl who loved sparkly things and Christmas presents were wonderful to her-- all the ribbons and bows.
 She had an experience with snow several years ago and made tracks around the back yard.    I know she's frolicking and playing over the Rainbow Bridge now--   Her mom once told me, "Thanks for all you do and for taking in the pekes in trouble. You and your group provide blessings to all of us adoptees. Thank you, all!"    I want to thank HER though for the wonderful life she gave Theodora.  Rest in peace, sweet girl.


lady jicky said...

So sad for your loss .

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So sorry for the loss of Theodora. She was a beautiful little girl. It is apparent that she had a wonderful life after she came out of a shelter. My heart goes out to her mom and family. RIP sweet Theodora!