Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Jeanne is the heart of rescue-- she loves all these Pekes!    She spends hours a day working to save them.     Here she is with DiDi, her heart dog!
 Jeanne has raised so much money for rescue-- through quilt sales, garage sales, plant sales, chip-ins...  She continually comes up with ideas to raise money to help our foster dogs.
And she loves my grandkids-- especially Drill Bit!
 We had a day at a park in Richmond with some of them.   A friend on the left came with Bitty Bit, Lil Bit, and Drill Bit to have fun with me and Jeanne at the park.
 Camden was one of her foster dogs, and Brandy was one of the Bristol 18 that Jeanne helped.   
 Brandy says HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 
 Beau-Beau and Lolli-pop (available for adoption) say Happy Birthday, too!
 Jeanne has heard Beach Bit a LOT on the phone!    But, he still wants her to have a happy birthday!
I hope she has a cake with lots of candles to celebrate.   We all love you, Jeanne!!!    Happy Birthday!


Mary Elizabeth said...

Camden and Brandy send a BIG hug & kiss and wish Jeanne a happy birthday!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE! Hope you have a very special day. Thanks for ALL that you do to save our precious Peke furbabies! Ginkgo sends you birthday wishes too. "Woof, woof!" ~ Mark

mtuck09 said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne! You're a very special lady...and loved by all!

lady jicky said...

I am a bit late :(

I hope you had a fabulous Birthday Jeanne !!!
love from the gang in Australia