Monday, October 1, 2012


Here is sweet Briscoe.    We saved him from a Maryland shelter.   He is older in body, but not in spirit.    Some dogs do look older because of gray in the face, but we think he's about 9 years old.    (We always have to guess at "strays.")
His foster mom, Sharon, says this is one wonderful boy!     He is easy going and adaptable.    He walked into her home and became part of the family routine like he had always been there.   He is housetrained and doesn't have any interest in chewing valuable items.  That's always a good thing.
He loves to ride in the car and her likes to take walks.     He has a great energy level (leading us to think he's not an "old" boy).   He will race him foster mom up the stairs after his walks.   
He loves cats!  They are just his size.   So, if his future forever home has a cat, that's just fine with him! 
He is also content to just hang out.    Just give him a comfy chair and he's good to go.
He loves to snuggle up and sit in your lap or beside you.    He is happiest when his people are near by.   He is friendly to adults and children and will accept tummy rubs from anyone.    
He had bad care before we got him, leading to a dental that left only one tooth.    So, he eats soft food and has a great appetite.    Everyone who meets him comments on how sweet he is, even the vet who was giving him an exam.    He's just one nice boy!   If you are interested in Briscoe, just let  us know. or      

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely old (?) boy he looks!

He would be great for a older person for sure - young ones too!!!LOL