Saturday, October 6, 2012


 Here's Taylor again.     Wake up little one!   We want to see you.
 His stitches are out from his nasal fold surgery (the big folds under the eyes) and he just needs his hair to grow back in.  
 His foster mom says he is the sweetest dog in the whole world!   Her son calls him "little sweetie" because he is such a friendly and cuddly little guy.
 Oh, my, you are tired!     Look at that yawn!
 He has become his foster mom's shadow.   He watches her every move.
 He wants to be where you are and doesn't want to be left alone.   He loves to sit by his foster mom while she works.   He also enjoys being in the yard when they are out there-- he will chase the bugs on the patio and play with the children in the neighborhood.   He also gets along with all the dogs he has met.  
 His favorite thing to do is play with Cricket, his foster family's dog.   I think this little one will need a friend in his new home.    Taylor and Cricket will chase each other around the room for hours, taking 10 minute breaks to just lay down.   
This is one lovely boy and he is waiting for that perfect home for him where he can be loved for the rest of his life.     A doggy friend would make it even better!!


lady jicky said...

This is one delightful white beauty!

Unknown said...

Oh my, he gets cuter every time I see him. He deserves the very best family ever!