Friday, October 12, 2012


 Diva Desi went on vacation to a cabin in the woods.    She took her parents, Lucinda and Roger, along.    They had to drive.   She found a rocker on the porch that is just fine for relaxing.
 She took along a few of her Peke friends, also.
Will someone open the door and let her in?   Little Divas don't open their own doors.  Besides, she's not tall enough.
 There is even a welcome sign.      Oh, there's a bear on that.   They didn't see any bears though, except the Peke named Bear who went, too.
 I can tell Desi packed her dresses.   Even if you are in the woods, you can still be stylish.
She had a wonderful time there, and she and her parents hope to be going back soon.   I wonder if they'll invite us?
I had to show you the quilt Eve made for Lucinda.    It's beautiful.  I have quite a few things that Eve made.   We are doing a quilt show in Richmond to raise money for our fosters.     I think the quilt is beautiful at Lucinda's!   

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lady jicky said...

Coco and Moi Moi are waiting for their postcards Desi!!! LOL