Thursday, October 4, 2012


Dublin is doing so well.     His foster mom says he is a little muffin face.    He still has some pelvic weakness and a bit unsteady, but he's making great progress.    He will continue improving over the next few months.

His lifelong exercise restrictions will be to keep him off furniture, avoid steps and be walked with a harness.    He should not be encouraged to jump up on furniture or wrestle with other dogs.   He needs to keep his four paws on the ground.    Here are Leo and Phoebe keeping him company as he is in his xpen.    He'll be out of there soon.    Dublin is about a year old.   If you are interested in this sweet boy, just let us know.  

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lady jicky said...

I have Always kept ALL my dogs over the many years off the chairs, couches and no jumping!
They are still happy to sleep at your feet and it sure protects their backs and knee joints - so its not a bad thing that Dublin is not to do this.
Ooo - I would have this boy in a heart beat if I could Linda!!!