Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Beau Beau and Lolli-pop are Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty getting ready to go Trick or Treating disguised as Pekingese!     What clever costumes!!  (They are both available for adoption.)
 Beau Beau is a little shadow to his foster parents.    He's their velcro dog.    And he's beautiful!!
 Lolli-pop is a total sweetheart-- she loves everyone.   If others will play with her, she's fine.   If she has to play on her own, she's fine.    Lolli-pop does have allergies and is on a special diet and meds-- she is adorable!  
Remember Domino?   He was adopted a year ago!  He lives with Beau Beau and Lolli-pop (or should I say they live with him).   He was a very insecure boy, and Kay and Claretta said, "give us your challenge dog."    And we did.    He is very sweet, but they've had to repair a few things since he got there.   No matter, it's his forever home!
 This is Maggie, Princess Pumpkin Taker.     Are you stealing that pumpkin or just seeing if there a treat in it.
Or just pretending it is a ball to roll around the yard!    I think we have one of those at our house, too.   (Beach Bit was trying to swing it into my big TV-- so it was relegated to the deck-- no smashed TVs here!)     I know some of you are dressing your dogs up for Halloween, so be sure to share with us. :-)

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lady jicky said...

They are all just so pretty - not spooky !