Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Here is Festus.   The vet and staff thought it was a perfect name for this sweet boy-- sounds right out of Gunsmoke to me!
 He was in a shelter and had been there awhile.  They asked Jeanne to take him since he hadn't been adopted.   She hesitated at first but when she saw him, there was no doubt he was going home with her.
He is a happy go lucky guy.    He is very sweet, playful and learns quickly.    (Wait, is there something over there?)
 Festus gets along great with other dogs.    He got a "puppy" cut to clean him up and it looks great on him.     (I can tell he is looking to exit the exam room.) 
 Festus is eleven years old and 13 pounds.   He doesn't look 11 to me.   Maybe 11 is the new 8 (like people having "new" ages).   
 Festus enjoy interaction and I can tell he's looking for an adventure here.
 He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and he is always smiling and excited for any activity.   He is very easy to have around and a great famiily member.     (Is there something over there I need to check out?)
He is so deserving of a family of his owner.   What a sweetheart!   (And ready to go get his new family!)   If you are intersted in him, email us or fill out an application on line.   

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lady jicky said...

He looks lovely and I bet there is a bit of Papillion in him too - those long haired ears! So pretty!