Sunday, October 7, 2012


 Jax was found in Maryland.    His finder tried to find his owners, but none claimed him.    One of our members asked if we could post him so that he could find a home.    Of course!    I think this pose if too funny-- did you do that on purpose?
Here he is with a Peke friend. He was there a few days before he went to his foster home in Baltimore.
 He enjoys vegging outside with his foster mom.  He's a pretty laid back dog.   He is about 15 pounds and we are guessing he is 2 years old. 
 He's also content to hang out inside.     He's not a full Peke, but he is really pretty.  Look at his eyes.   
 And this is Dino-- Jax's cat friend.    Jax does fine with him.
 And who says he can't "ruffff." :-)  Hello back to you, Jax!
Jax is a happy boy, and loves his toys.   The blue whistle stuffed toy is his favorite!   If you would like this boy to join your family, just let us know!

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lady jicky said...

Jax is a very pretty boy and would make a wonderful family dog!!