Monday, October 22, 2012



 Look at this cute group.    Their owner was dying of cancer and the husband was going to take them to a shelter-- he wanted them all gone before his wife came home from the hospital.    He had already put them outside to stay.    I can't imagine her utter dismay and sorrow when she came home and they weren't there.    But, we took them so they would be safe and not in a shelter.
 Bessie (black and white) and Puggy are three years old and very bonded.    They are both about 17 pounds and definitely need to lose a bit-- we can do that!   They can only eat what we give them.    
 When we took in Bessie and Puggy, a little Shih Tzu was part of the family and he came, too.     We tried to find another rescue and we thought we did-- but then we found out he was going to be in a home with a momma dog and all her babies and four other new rescues-- and we just kept him.   He is super sweet!
His name is Joey.   He is five years old.
 Bessie, Puggy and Joey had had almost no medical care and their nails were curling under.   They have been all cleaned up and all their medical is done.   
They are an incredibly sweet group and we know someone will be very lucky to get them!   Joey can be adopted on his own, but we'd like to keep the girls together.

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lady jicky said...

What a beautiful trio !!!

So happy you are helping them :)