Sunday, July 21, 2019


 Max is almost 16 and he cannot be outside long.  It is SO HOT!
 How hot is it on the east coast?  REALLY HOT!   The heat index is well over 100.  And the humidity makes it hard to breathe out there.
 So my dogs go out and we see how fast they can go to the bathroom before I'm heading them all back inside.   Paddington says, "I'm not going out there!"  (So, I carry him.)
 Mixmo and Kai Kai like lounging INSIDE much better.   I can't let Mizmo in the sun because of his skin.  And where does he go-- the one area in my back yard that has sun.  AAAHHH.
Granger's family comes back today to get him, but he's calling his mom to report me for this hot weather. Honest, Granger.  I didn't do it!   But, cooler weather is coming.  It's supposed to drop 10-15 degrees this week and storms are coming.  We will take the cooler weather!

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LadyJicky said...

They are just so cute .

I do hope that cool change comes in real soon Linda!

Happy Hot Sunday to you all.