Friday, September 21, 2012


 Charlen Bear came into rescue from a Maryland shelter.     He was not in great health, but he is now!    
His foster mom says he gets sweeter every day.     His coat is coming in because of a good diet.  
 He has one eye, but that doesn't hinder him.    Many of us have one-eyed Pekes.   Just don't throw the toy on their "blind side" or you will go get it.
 He has become friends with Cheech and Jelly, his two foster brothers.   He has even helped Jelly to become more confident which is wonderful!   
Charlie likes to be brushed and will even let you brush his tail if you are gentle.   He likes to roll over and expose his tummy for a belly rub.    He has learned gentleness can come from a human  hand.      If you would like to adopt Charlie, just email us at   

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lady jicky said...

He is so pretty and I do love his curly haired tail !!!