Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Henry was one of our senior dogs who was fostered at Jeanne's. I know the older dogs don't have as many years to give, but they have the love. I'm so glad people are willing to give them a forever home. When Henry-- now Teddy Henry Bear-- was in foster care, he had a big, full coat.It was beautiful, but it was a lot and we're sure he asked to have a shorter cut. It's hard to understand them sometimes, but he must have said that.Thor is Teddy Henry Bear's big brother. He's a beautiful Peke, too.And they have another doggy friend. I know they both welcomed Teddy to the group.Teddy is going to need a bigger bed when winter comes and his hair is longer again. His feet are already hanging over.Teddy has a wonderful mom, one who saw his picture and knew she had to have this boy in her home. We are thrilled! Senior Pekes rock!


lady jicky said...

Teddy must have a good thick coat like Moi Moi's --- does he have alot of undercoat I wonder??

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Pull back Peke ears and they do look like seals! Henry has come a long way since his rescue. He is now "Royal" Teddy Henry Bear. Thor doesn't look too happy and is sticking out his tongue! I'm so glad THB got a second chance and has a wonderful mom to spend the rest of his life with. He will only know love and no longer be neglected. Hugs and kisses to royal THB!