Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Pudge  is an incredible boy.      He was rescued from a Maryland shelter and has fit right into his foster home.   e as he sits patiently at the garage door as he knows it is
time to go to work..He has been coming with me for the past 4-5 days. He knows
the Fedex man, UPS and most of the people in the building, he has been really
friendly to all and he is coming around with my dogs. He gets along with the
dogs in my office building (everyone brings their dogs to work in Annapolis
 He is awesome in the car and knows the schedule as he sits patiently at the garage door to go to work with his foster mom.    He is very comical at the office and the staff there expect to see him daily.
 His foster mom says he is a delight to have around and anyone who wants a sweet laidback dog would love him!  
 He never barks unless he is hungry or wants to go for a walk.   He WILL let you know.   He LOVES his walks!   He can meet new people and he welcomes everyone, people and dogs alike. 
 He is patient, but he might not like young dogs who want to pounce on him.  After all, he is a stately gentleman.    (I don't like being pounced on either, Pudge!)
He is a pretty terrific boy!

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My girls want to date Mr Perfect!!!