Monday, September 24, 2012


 Lacey Nicole came into rescue this month.   She was turned in for behavior issues.   She is a tiny thing at only 10 pounds.  She will be two years old in November.   
 Clarence is her foster brother and they play so well together!   Clarence is an incredible "big brother" to the foster dogs who come there.
Lacey does so well with other dogs, not aggressive at all.       
 When I got her and took her to the vet, she was a little unsure.
 But, at my house, she did fine.    She doesn't like to be picked up, unless it's on her terms.    She will growl at you, but then continues on.
She was in the kitchen, and my grandson, Beach Bit, was here.    I was so surprised because Lacey loves him!!!    And at the vet, when she saw children, she kept trying to get to them, her tail wagging.    Amazing. 
 She really wanted to share Beach Bit's popsickle.    Scooterbug wanted some, too.
 When Beach Bit was reading my Scotland magazine (I love this magazine!), Lacey got up there, too--- she can spring onto the couch with no trouble, even though she is so small.
 She even told Beach Bit a secret-- maybe she wanted him to read out loud to her.
That must have been it-- she is listening with great interest.
Lacey needs a special owner who knows she has little squirks and ways.   But, she is so worth it.    She is housetrained and might be just the right fit.   She does need like a yard, but she has learned to walk with a  harness/leash.  She realized if she didn't walk with a leash, she got left behind and Clarence was having so much fun!!  Just let us know if you're interested in this small one.   Here she are four videos of her playing:    Click here: Yoga dogs - YouTube
Click here: Lacey II - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

Linda - Miss Lacey is so worth it!

I do not know the behaviourable problem but ... to me it looks so small!!!