Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Taking care of rescue dogs is something I do best. I know because I've done it and I've surely passed the test. (Most of these pictures are of Lisa and Andy's foster dogs in California. They adopted 2 Pekes from us while they lived in Va. and now they are fostering themselves-- I love it! This is Hillary.)The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed, the vacumning I've done. (Oh, Yes!) And all to watch a frightened soul, sit dreaming in the sun.My own dogs I've neglected. But, I tell them everyday that I love and cherish each of them, though a new dog's come to stay. (Hillary) I know they understand this, for in their eyes I see...The love that I have given them comes shining back at me. (Maddie)Some people think I'm crazy, some may think I'm great, (Peekachoo and Mattie)But, few can really understand what really is at stake.If I can love and help a dog to find a better way,My own life is much richer, I look forward to each day. (Tank)So now you know my secret, it's there for all to see..... (These two pictures are of Cosmo, my first foster dog almost ten years ago! I'll never forget that sweet face.)
The love I give, the life I save,I do it all for me.
~~ Kathleen Parsons

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