Friday, September 7, 2012


This little guy was taken from his owner in an abuse/neglect case. On top of that, he spent almost a month in a shelter. He didn't go outside the whole time and spent his days in a large pen with other dogs. The pen was hosed out while the dogs were in it. To see he is filthy, matted and smelly is an understatement.Kay and Claretta got him out and to Roanoke-- three cheers for them!!! I appreciate them so much!He was so excited to get out and is a very sweet boy. He is joyful and thankful and we are happy to welcome him to rescue.He is doing the happy roll-- he is free! Maybe we should name him Freedom-- Kay and Claretta like Andy. I wonder what the vet will come up with. What name would you suggest? I know he won't care-- he's just glad to be out!
NEW: We just found out this little one had been in the shelter since June 15-- no one was allowed any contact with him-- no walks, no leaving his pen, no contact at all. His dry eye was not treated at all. He spent three months with painful eyes and no medication or contact with people. WHO DOES THIS!!? In spite of it all, he is so sweet. He weighs 15 pounds and is so glad to be loved and free now!


lady jicky said...

I am so glad he is out and I so hope the Vet finds him OK so a loving home can be found !!!

Tracey said...

How can a shelter not take the dogs out? How can they hose out pens with them in it. That makes me want to cry. Why can we get away with abusing animals. Oh boy, I just don't understand. He looks clean, happy, and I love his roll in the grass. Thank you for saving him! I do feel bad for the ones left behind.

Chris said...

Freedom is a great name for this dog - it's the right name. Look at him. He was abused, neglected, abused some more, and he had lost hope. We can see on his face that he knows life is changing and he has a brand new chance to be happy. Maybe Chance is a good name for him! Thank you, everyone, for saving the life and soul of this dog!