Saturday, September 8, 2012


This is Prince-- he's in a foster home now. Read his story below.Look at this little one. Doesn't he look sweet-- and he is! But, he was dumped/thrown from a car in the middle of a busy road by uncaring owners. Someone driving behind them saw them do it-- and they stopped to save this little one from being hit. He is calm and sweet and it makes no sense that he was treated this way.He is older, maybe about ten years old, but very sweet. If we didn't take him into rescue, he would be put down. We want to give him a chance. Records on his tag show his name is Prince. His owners phone numbers have been shut off-- of course, they didn't want him anyway. He deserves better. If you want to help with his care, just go to our web site.


lady jicky said...

He is a "Sweet Prince"

I tell you Linda --- there is a place for people who hurt animals!

Sending healing vibes for Prince!

zapper said...

It breaks my heart to see the little ones treated this way.

I know you will get him well and find a forever home full of love for him.

All the best