Thursday, September 20, 2012


My granddog, Wicket, lost his battle with cancer today.    We are all so sad.  
 He was a perfect little Peke who loved his family.    
 My daughter and her husband got Wicket right after they married, over 13 years ago.    Here he is with Odin.   Scooterbug, my Peke and Wicket's son, is in the background.  He was as comfortable in our home as he was in his own.   (He loved his own home the most!)
 Wicket had a gentle soul and was so loving.
 He lost one of his eyes because of a tumor a few years ago, but he continued on, living his life with joy.   
 He loved the farm where they live, keeping an eye on chickens and horses and his kids, Lil Bit, Bitty Bit, and Drill Bit.   Wicket was really the first Bit because we would call him Wick-a-bit.
 Lottie was his best friend Peke.   They were together almost all their lives.    I know she will miss him, too.  So will their Shepherd mix, Sweetie Pi.
Rest in peace, sweet boy.   I love you, and so does your family.   We will miss you so much.


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda , how sad you all must be for he was such apart of your family and I bet the "Bit's" are missing him to bits too!

Love to you all from the gang in Oz .

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So sorry for your loss of Wicket. May he rest in peace.