Saturday, September 29, 2012


 We received Madge from the same shelter as Gracious and Andy.   It's a gassing shelter and the one where the pens are cleaned while the dogs are in them-- hosed down.    
 Madge had been put in the drop-off box during the night, so there is no history on her.  But, she wasn't cared for.   We could tell that.   She was missing so much hair because of a severe skin condition.     She had ear infections, poor hearing, bad teeth, and is very thin at ten pounds.    (A pound or two can make a huge difference.)    She is also heartworm positive.  She has already begun the antibiotic regimen of her treatment.
She is with our wonderful vet and foster parents, Lucinda and Roger, in Roanoke.    She'll have the best care possible there.   She just wants to be loved, have a lap to sit on and a good home.      For now, she is being cared for and has a big fluffy soft bed and plenty to eat.   
Lucinda and Roger have 13 at their house right now-- their own and fosters.    Here is the kitchen counter at meal time!    Pills, canned food, dry food, all different types depending on the dog.    Gee, makes my life seem simple!     Thank you to these two wonderful people for all they do for the dogs in their care.   They are amazing and Madge is so lucky to have them caring for her.


lady jicky said...

What dear little girl Madge is - I would have her in a heart beat!

**** I will NEVER *itch about doing the meds for my 2 dogs again !!!
OMG that kitchen table full of meds and dog bowls!
Special people do this for sure!!!

Marian Brzostek said...

Thank you so much Roger and Lucinda!! You truly are angels to all the animals you save. Madge is beautiful and I am sure sooooo thankful for some love!