Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Good Morning, Ms. Linda,
It's Darby. I know it's been awhile. I was sitting on my desk in my mom's office working. You know it's hard work being so cute, and I was looking at the Peke blog. I remembered that I hadn't sent you a note or any new picture in a while. Maddie, my BFF, is spending the week-end so I am very happy about that. Oh, I just got a haircut. I wasn't very thrilled about that at all! Mom knows this but continues to do it anyway. Our Drill Bit (I know you have one, too) is getting very big and we have so much fun together. I am including a few pictures of him. Look at us sharing kisses! I know Starlight likes to do that with your Beach Bit. Tell all your gang hi, especially Starlight since we do share the "kujo" nickname. Mom says this to me a lot. I'm not sure it's always good. It's hard to believe I have been here 4 years. My mom takes such good care of me.
Kisses from Darby

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lady jicky said...

Love your haircut!!!!