Sunday, September 2, 2012


Toni was turned into a shelter by his elderly owner. His wife had died and he was going in and out of the hospital and could no longer care for him. Here is Toni at his foster mom Toni's house-- same name! :-)The owner came two days in a row to visit his dog-- so we are going to take Toni to visit him so that he doesn't completely lose his little Peke. Thank you to his foster mom for being willing to do this. You are the best.


lady jicky said...

How hard must it be to turn your dog in but .... so happy he is visiting his dog and you will take him to see the old gentleman too.

I hope whoever adopts Toni continues this .... how wonderful would that be!!!

Bonnie said...

aw, Toni. So glad you are being cared for, and so heartwarming that your dad loves you so much. Bless you both - and foster Toni too!

Kizzle said...

I work in a nursing home, and nothing brightens a patient's day like a visit from his pup. Bless you for bringing him joy!!!