Monday, September 3, 2012


As you know, Cranberry has back trouble (degenerative disc disease), and sometimes has bladder problems. I had an outfit made that can have a diaper in it. Here she is modeling it.Linda Gerdes made it-- she also makes belly bands for males who are marking or have bladder control issues, or aren't housetrained yet. They come in all kinds of patterns and sizes. I still have some she made years ago and they are in great shape. Her prices are very reasonable.It has straps on it to secure it in place and velcro to secure it around her waist. It even has a hole to put her tail through. I'm not sure what she thought of it, but she is cute in it.Linda Gerdes makes these. Her web site is:
She does great work! Check her out.

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lady jicky said...

Cranberry looks cool in her new outfit !

Sending vibes to her for her back problems .